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Universal Consciousness / Cosmic Spirit

There is a divine plan in the universe in which each one of us is assigned to play a role. 

This plan is the evolution of soul and the soul evolves with its purpose. 

Each individual life is a part of the whole as the whole is created by

individual lives and thoughts. 

“All is ONE.” 

This whole existence is in perfect order with harmony and

it is filled with unconditional love. 

In this wholeness, we humans are integrated with God and 

we are part of God’s divine plan.

The Universe is in a process of creative evolution; therefore

every moment is a new creation of the universe. 

Evolution is a continuous creation and its process is moved by God’s will. 

Human consciousness is part of God’s will; therefore,

our conscious in each moment is creating the universe itself. 

“God” is called the “Cosmic Spirit” and “Cosmic Intelligence.” 

This represents one supreme will and our world is progressing

according to the divine will. 

Human consciousness is part of its spectrum,

and the core essence of the universe is notmade of materials or physical forms but 

its “Spiritual Intelligence”, which is God.

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