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• What is Hado?

Hado is considered as "subtle energy" that every existing element giving off. Any materials or elements on earth are made up of collective of atoms. Everything that surrounds us including our body, water, earth, air and even our computers emit Hado caused by the rotational motion of electrons that make up atoms. Therefore, each organism such as humans, animals, plants and any other existing materials which are composed of molecules and are collections of atoms are giving off a

particular energy of Hado. Hado spreads through "resonance phenomenon" as does sound. Within our life body, our “thoughts” have power and are communicated from person to person and the energy is transported by resonating to a similar wavelength as "Hado energy."

• Hado Measurement Device 


A Hado Measurement Device is typically called a “Magnetic Resonance Analyzer". The purpose of the device is to measure the subtle Hado that is emitted from any materials or the organs of our body. By doing so, this device can tell us how particular materials impact the wellness of our body. 

• Crystals and the Law of Hado 


One of the laws of Hado is that " like attracts like". Crystals with higher Hado will further raise the person’s Hado level, leading them to higher energy level. Being in the higher Hado level will attract more good luck, positive people & circumstances. The concept of protecting yourself from the negatives is based on this “Law of Hado.” This explains that if you raise your Hado level, you will no longer attract low and negative energy in your life. 


• Importance of being in Higher Hado 


We humans give off our own energy and are living in the environment where the great nature, people, materials and electromagnetic waves emit all sorts of Hado. Depending whether our brains, organs, cells and our hearts resonate with these various Hado from our environment, the conditions of our mind and body could get better or worse. 


When we are exposed to negative Hado in our daily lives, the immune system of our body becomes weakened and we lose the Hado balance, causing illnesses or attracting negative incidents and circumstances into our lives. By transforming the Hado energy to a higher level and keeping the flow of energy,  you are able to return to “the original you” who resonates with unlimited  “Universal energy” that is always superior to any negative Hado.

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